January 20, 2020      

Reduce your IT project backlog:

  • Focus on system development - employees are trapped in daily problems, a consultant can focus on the project without distractions
  • Supplement Staff - short handed IT department can use our skills to fill gaps during system development projects
  • Results oriented - bring us a project or a problem and we will turn it into a system
  • Problem solving - analyze existing systems and correct problems and offer design ideas to improve system, use a consultant to backfill their support staff during a big development project

Hands-On Experience:

  • Requirements definition - meet with clients to determine system requirements and document results for developers
  • System design - given the vision of a client, turn that vision into a system design that programmers can tackle
  • Development and Testing - code and test system solutions
  • Project Leadership - direct project team activities, ensure an integrated solution from multiple team members, quality assurance test systems prior to implementation, keep management informed on project status, coordinate functional design team with technical team activities


  • Technical Environments
    • Web-Based Solutions (ASP, Cold Fusion, Java/JSP, Javascript), Thin-Client Applications, Extranet, Intranets, Internet web sites
    • Client Server Applications
    • Mainframe Integration (Cobol, DB2 / IMS) - connect mainframe systems to client-server systems or Internet applications
    • Microsoft Toolsets (ASP, SQL Server, Visual Basic, .NET)
    • Graphics Design
  • Functional Environments
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Service & Warranty
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail


  • User requirements definition - meet with department that requested system, draw detailed system requirements from non-technical users,
  • Team member
  • Strong rapport with clients
  • Honesty, integrity, trustworthy, straightforward, hardworking, self-motivated...


Skilled IT Specialists with proven abilities to work in multiple technical and functional environments. Specializing in web based design and development.

Able to turn customer requirements into interactive solutions. Hands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including requirements definition, design, development, testing and support.

Technologies:   Corporate Clients Served:

•  Active Server Pages
•  Microsoft Access
•  Cold Fusion
•  Visual Basic
•  Java / JSP
•  Javascript
•  COBOL (mainframe)

     •  ObjectView
•  Oracle
•  SQL Server
•  Microsoft Access
•  DB2 & IMS
  • Mercury Marine
  • Math Corporation
  • A.C. Nielsen
  • JC Penney
  • Fort Howard, Corp.
  • Alliance Laundry Systems

Areas of Expertise:

  • Requirements definition, system design and analysis, project lead, software development, application support, system interfaces
  • Projects include mainframe systems, client server systems and web-based applications (internet, extranet and intranet)
  • Recent projects:  project lead and developer on web-based/Java system to implement wireless part picking application for warehouse, system analyst for major conversion project from mainframe to Oracle, system support and development of mainframe systems
  • Support and development of extranet web site
  • Support and development of eCommerce web site

Current Resume