Mobile Web Development - iPad & iPhone Apps
    January 17, 2020      

Let's face it, smartphone usage is here to stay.  At the beginning of 2012, nearly 50% of all cell phones are now smart phones.   Everywhere you look, someone is texting, checking their email, looking for a restaurant with a GPS app, buying tickets, researching products, documenting their life on a social network site, taking pictures, taking HD videos, tweeting, blogging, tagging, chatting,.....  The pace of the growth over the past couple years is staggering.

i.t.Interactive, LLC is established to help your business take advantage of this new medium.   Our team is structured to help design and craft custom applications to meet your business needs.  We can deliver high quality, polished IOS solutions tailored to your needs. 

Our specialized skills with help you through the design process and we have the technical expertise to support the entire development life cycle.   Your app will have the proper security, minimize network and memory usage and be responsive to the end user.   i.t.Interactive, LLC is a "Registered Apple Developer".

Mobile Application Development
We provide our clients with best-in-class mobile development services, leveraging agile development methods tailored to the needs of each client. We start demonstrating working software within one to two weeks of starting a project, and continue the process of demonstrating and collective feedback (weekly or biweekly) throughout the development cycle.

Product Production
Most of our project engagements are based on an understanding of business goals and key product requirements. During these engagements, i.t.Interactive, LLC provides the critical direction and review for these applications. We provide regular checkpoints in our design and development roadmap but focus on providing a high-level interface for our clients.

User Interface Design
We provide full creative services including product wireframes with detailed screen mockups. These become the basis for creative design around key interface elements. We also work in close partnership with a range of interactive agencies. We are experts at integrating custom design and building a bridge between design and implementation.

Business and Product Strategy
Key to our client engagements is ensuring alignment between business goals and our work efforts. As producers, we love product ownership. We bring our marketplace experience and technical understanding to help find an ideal features vs benefit for each project. Our experience working with many different models is essential in assisting and brainstorming our client’s product roadmaps.

Not quite sure what you need?    Call us, we can help you design an app that meets your needs.